Founded in 1878, James Philips & Company is a family business with 140 years history and experience in the textile trade in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

We sell yarns and threads to all sectors of the textile trade including :

  • knitwear : fully fashioned/circular/cut&sew
  • weaving : apparel/upholstery/industrial
  • ropes and twines
  • medical end uses
  • commission dyers/doublers/fancy twisters
  • accessories : hats/gloves/socks
  • sewing thread producers
  • shoe laces and label manufacturers
  • carpet manufacturers


The range of yarns we offer is extensive and continues to grow. See 'YARNS & THREADS' tab for a list of yarns/threads available.

We offer a wide garment range which can be printed or embroidered in a variety of colours, patterns and textures as well as our gemtec technology allowing us to offer you rhinestone designs. Whether it be your school crest, corporate logo or society badge - put your own special professional touch on your garments.

We are a very flexible company and can supply small runs up to large runs of several hundred/thousand.

James Philips & Co. have a very satisfied network of customers the length and breadth of the UK including schools, City Council, sports clubs, businesses, bars, hotels, spas, colleges, beauticians and hairdressers, just to name a few.